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As an unfortunate bi-product of Winter, New York City has experienced a preponderance of potholes this season that need repair.   If you are wondering how many potholes have been filled this year in NY city, read no further.  The Wall Street Journal published an excellent article entitled ‘In New York City, Potholes, Potholes—Everywhere’ that notes “about 80,000 Have Already Been Filled So Far This Winter”.

As the article notes, “This is just the ravages of Mother Nature,” said Robert Sinclair, a spokesman for the AAA New York. “This is a pothole season that we haven’t seen the likes of in a couple decades or more.”

The insightful graphic below from the Wall Street Journal shows the number of  potholes filled in NYC since 2011.

Graphic of Number of Potholes Filled on the STreets of New York from the Wall Street Journal

To read the full Wall Street Journal Article, click here.

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By Don Bero

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