Rubber Snow Plow Blades

Rubber Snow Plow Blades

Rubber blades provide essential protection for surfaces that are more delicate than those used for either steel snow plow blades or carbide snow plow blades.
These blades provide dual use on both heavy-duty snowplows and typical pick-up snow plows. 
Rubber cutting edges are available in a range of sizes including 1.5 inches by 8 inches and 1.5 inches by 10 inches with holes that are slotted for 1 inch by 3.5 inches. 
We are able to quickly equip you with custom manufactured rubber cutting edges for a range of lengths, hole punch dimensions and punched hole patterns.

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Corporate Giving Commitment

At Rock Salt & Ice Control HQ and the Duke Company, we believe in supporting one's community and those in need. We support a number of charitable causes in New York including Breast Cancer Awareness.

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