Picture of Blacktop Patch and Blacktop Repair Product 1701-52 QuikRete

In New York, this Winter’s snow fall has been robust.  As a natural outcome of cold temperatures, snowfall, ice control solutions and snow plowing, there is a preponderance of potholes.  Call 585-496-4762 or use the Rock Salt & Ice Control HQ online contact form.

As a leading Rock Salt and Ice Control Solution provider in New York, +DukeCompany carries QuikRete Blacktop Patch 1701-52 in both 50 pound bags and pallets (note:  there are 63 QuikRete Blacktop Patch bags per pallet).  As a leading New York supplier, we offer prompt shipping through-out New York including Syracuse NYWhite Plains NY, NYC (New York City)Rochester NY and Ithaca NY.

Helpful Pothole Patching Information:

  • Easy to Use:  use QuikRete Blacktop Patch right out of the bag without any heating.  Does not require mixing.
  • Easy to form and compact for quick application in patching blacktop and asphalt.
  • Leading Cold Patch solution, that prepares the surface for immediate use.
  • Approved by the Department of Transportation (DOT)

Helpful Download Information:

Installation and Surface Preparation Instructions

For surface preparation, the QuikRete product information data sheet a dives to thoroughly sweep the entire area that you would like to fill.  All loose material should be removed, and ideally, an asphalt cleaner should be use.  Once the pothole or blacktop patch area has been cleaned thoroughly, apply QuikRete Blacktop Patch directly into the pothole or cracked area to  1/2 inch  (.5 inch) above the target area.  Notably, be careful to not apply a quantity less than 1 inch thick.  If you are repairing an area from 1 inch to 3 inches in depth, apply QuikRete Blacktop patch in 1 inch lifts.

Rent compaction equipment to compress the patched area to a level that is equal to the surrounding surface area.  In addition, consider covering the surface with plywood or plastic, and driving over the surface with the front truck or car wheels to compress the area.

This excellent asphalt repair product can be driven on immediately after the area is patched.

By Don Bero

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