The Wacker Neuson E1100 Hydronic Ground Heater, No Enclosure Necessary.







Rent the Wacker Neson E1100 hydronic surface heater from the Rock Salt & Ice Control HQ  (a Duke Company). Professionals state the Wacker Neson E1100 offers a quick and economical solution to cure concrete, prevent frost, or thaw frozen ground; as well as, provide temporary air heat during cold weather. It will cure 2,200 square feet of concrete (up to 6,600 sq. ft. with accessories). The E1100 also thaws up to 2,200 square feet of frozen ground (averaging one foot of depth/day). It operates with an 87% efficiency rate



Technical Specifications


  • L x W x H Overall                                               114 x 65 x 61 in
  • Operating weight                                                2,787 lb.
  • Shipping weight Dry                                          2,283 lb.
  • Heat transfer fluid Capacity                             50 US gal
  • Hose Length                                                        1,100 ft.
  • Quantity Hose Reels                                          1
  • Hose rewind                                                        120V AC, w/ 12V DC clutch
  • Quantity Circulation Loops                              1
  • Hose pressure Normal Operating                   90 psi
  • Heating power Gross Input                              122,080 BTU/h
  • Heat efficiency                                                    87 %
  • Operating temperature                                     180 ° F
  • Capacity Thaw (Std/with Acc)                         2,200 ft²/3,300 ft²
  • Capacity Cure (Std/with Acc)                          2,200 ft²/6,600 ft²
  • Capacity Frost (Std/with Acc)                          3,300 ft²/9,900 ft²
  • Capacity Air Heat W/Acc                                  180,000 ft³
  • Rated current                                                      20 A
  • Rated voltage                                                      120 V
  • Fuel type                                                              Winter-blend diesel
  • Fuel consumption Diesel                                  87 US gal/h
  • Tank capacity Fuel                                             63 US gal
  • Runtime @ 100% Burner Run Percentage    72 h
  • Runtime @ 75% Burner Run Percentage      97 h



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Ground Heater Rental Specifications for the Wacker E1100 Ground Thawing Heater

Ground Heater Specifications for the Wacker-E1100-Genset

Experts state Wacker Neuson hydronic heaters provide the most uniform temperatures across concrete structures as well provide a cost savings due to the fact that a temporary enclosure is not needed.


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