Hydronic Ground Heater: Ground Thawing, Concrete Curing



wacker neuson - E5000

Hydronic heat is an effective method for and thawing frozen ground, protecting and curing concrete during winter.



Call Rock Salt & Ice Control HQ (a Duke Company) to rent your hydronic ground thawing heater at 585-292-9870 (Rochester NY) and 607-347-4455 (Ithaca NY). For example: the Wacker Neuson E5000 will heat up to 1,700,000 cu ft.; or thaw or cure up to 10,000 sq. ft. with accessories, it will cure up to 30,000 sq. ft. or provide 576,000 cu. ft. of dry heat.

Experts state Wacker Neuson hydronic heaters provide the most uniform temperatures across concrete structures as well provide a cost savings due to the fact that a temporary enclosure is not needed.


The E5000 (by Wacker Neuson)  has:

  • Provide 576,00 cu ft. of dry heat
  • Cure up to 30,000 sq. ft.
  • Thaw or cure up to 10,000 sq. ft. with accessories
  • Heat up to 1,700,000 cu ft.
  • Run time = 64 hours.
  • Heater efficiency = 83% with 860,000 Btu / hour.
  • Easy access for on-board hoses and manifolds.
  • Fuel:  flexible fuel choice of either Diesel, Natural Gas or Propane gas.
  • Store & transport with hoses securely stored within the trailer.
  • Hose Length = 5,000 feet.
  • Easy set-up.
  • Easy-to-use digital temperature controller.


Detailed Specifications for the Ground Heater Rental – E5000ES

  • Dimensions in Inches:  189 x 91 x 94
  • Ground Clearance = 12 inches
  • Weight:  5,580 pounds
  • Heat Transfer Fluid Tank Capacity:  114 gallons
  • Hose Length:  3,000 feet
  • Hose reels:  2
  • Air heat capacity (with accessories):  525,000 cubic feet
  • Heater gross output:  321,000 Btu / hour
  • L x W x H in 189 x 98 x95
  • Heat transfer fluid US gal 210
  • Hose Length ft. 5,000
  • Quantity Hose Reels 2
  • Hose rewind 120V AC
  • Quantity Circulation Loops 4
  • Temperature monitor Digital
  • Pump Qty 2 US gal/h 3,000
  • Pump Qty 1 US gal/h 2,096
  • Flow velocity per circulation loop US gal/h 6.4
  • Hose pressure Normal Operating psi 117
  • Operating temperature ° F 180
  • Capacity Thaw (Std) ft2 5,000
  • Capacity Thaw (w/acc) ft2 10,000
  • Capacity Cure (Std) ft2 10,000
  • Capacity Cure (w/acc) ft2 30,000
  • Capacity Frost (Std) ft2 15,000
  • Capacity Frost (w/acc) ft2 45,000
  • Capacity Air Heat (w/acc) ft3 1,433,333
  • Current 1 Receptacle each @ A 15/50
  • Voltage V 120/240
  • Fuel consumption US gal/h 6.14
  • (HD-5)


Rent a Ground Heater with Confidence:  Download Helpful Information

Ground Heater Rental Specifications for the Wacker E5000 Ground Thawing Heater


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Call the Rock Salt & Ice Control HQ  (a Duke Company)  at 585-292-9870  (Rochester NY) and 607-347-4455  (Ithaca NY) for more information,  business hours, and all your snow and ice removal needs and information.


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