Best Prices on Snow Plow Parts from Leading Manufacturers

Picture of Snow Plow Accessories and Bulk Rock Salt in NYLooking for the best prices on snow plow parts from leading manufacturers?  Call 607-347-4455 to speak with Rock Salt & Ice Control HQ’s & The Duke Company’s snow plow part experts.

Headquartered in Upstate NY, The Duke Company is widely respected by professionals our outstanding customer service, fast delivery and in-depth knowledge of a range of snow plow parts and accessories.

We carry snow plow parts that are compatible with a range of outstanding manufacturers including:

  • Airflo:  Airflo is a leading manufacturer of quality truck equipment including snow plows, spreaders, dump bodies, multi-purpose dump bodies and hoists.
  • The Boss:  The Boss is a widely respected manufacturer of snow plows including:
    Power-V Multi-position Plows for 1/2 through 2-ton trucks.
    Straight-Blade Plows for Skid Steers.
    Hopper & Tailgate Spreaders.
    Snow plows for UTVs & ATVs.
    Box Plows for backhoe class tractors.
  • Evolution Edges:  Evolution Edges is a leading manufacturer of Snow Plow Blades, Snow Plow Shoes, Grader Blades, Spreader Chains and Snow Plow Accessories.
  • Henderson:  Henderson is a leading manufacturer of sand & salt spreaders, tailgate spreaders, snow plows (front mounted), and snow plow wings, anti-ice systems and deicing systems.
  • Meyer:  Meyer manufactures a range of high performance snow plows, spreaders, snow and ice removal equipment.
  • Swenson:  Swenson is an innovator in snow removal and ice control for over 70 years.  The company manufactures a range of spreaders for utility vehicles to tri-axle dump trucks.
  • Viking-Cives Group:   The Viking-Cives Group is a leading manufacturer of snow removal equipment including spreader chains & accessories.
  • Western:  For over 60 years, Western has been manufacturing quality snow plows and ice control equipment including hopper and tailgate-mounted ice control sand and salt spreaders.

Fast Delivery Through-out Upstate New York

If you are looking for fast delivery of snow plow parts and accessories, call Rock Salt & Ice Control HQ and The Duke Company at 585-292-9870 (Rochester NY) and 607-347-4455 (Ithaca NY).  We delivery through-out NY including:  Cortland NYFulton NYGlen Cove NYGloversville NYHudson NY and Kingston NY.

Best Prices, Fastest Delivery & Outstanding Service for Rock Salt, Deicers & Snow Plow Accessories throughout NYC and New York.

By Don Bero

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Corporate Giving Commitment

At Rock Salt & Ice Control HQ and the Duke Company, we believe in supporting one's community and those in need. We support a number of charitable causes in New York including Breast Cancer Awareness.

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