Picture of Snow Plow Accessories and Bulk Rock Salt in NY
Looking for the best prices on snow plow blades and shoes in New York?  Rock Salt & Ice Control HQ & the Duke Company carry a complete range of snow plow blades & shoes for your every need.  Call 607-347-4455 for an accurate price quote, fastest delivery & the best service in NYC and NY.

Rock Salt & Ice Control HQ’s inventory of Snow Plow Blades, Shoes & Bumpers includes:

  • PNS Cast Snow Plow Shoes:  Our Range of PNS Cast Snow Plow Shoes includes:  Cast Snow Plow Shoes, Cast Wing Snow Plow Shoes, Cast Frame Snow Plow Shoes, Large Ball Foots, Cast Moldboard and Cast Heavy Duty.
  • CSC Ni-Hard Snow Plow Shoes:  Our Range of CSC NI-Hard Snow Plow Shoes includes:  Ni-Hard Wing Shoes, Ni-Hard Moldboard Shoes, and Ni-Hard Frame Shoes – Mushroom and Boat.
  • CSC Ni-Hard Snow Plow Shoes:  Our Range of OCS Carbide Snow Plow Shoes includes:  Carbide Frame Shoes – Boat and Flat.
  • CSC Ni-Hard Snow Plow Shoes:  Our Range of OCS Steel Frame Snow Plow Shoes includes Flat, Boat and Tenco.
  • OST Steel moldboard snow shoes:  Our Range of OST Steel Moldboard Snow Shoes include:  8” Centers and 8”-12″ Centers; Flat, Boat and Tenco; Standard, Heavy-Duty, Reversible, One Way; and One Way Plows, Double and 60 Degree.
  • CSC Ni-Hard Snow Plow Shoes:  Our Range of OST Curb Runners & Bumpers includes Universal, Heavy-Duty and For Carbide Blades.
  • CSC Ni-Hard Snow Plow Shoes:  Our inventory of Steel Snow Plow blades are meticulously manufactured from high quality, hot-rolled 1084 finished steel.
  • Rubber & Carbide plow blades:  Rubber blades provide essential protection for surfaces that are more delicate than those used for either steel snow plow blades or carbide snow plow blades.  Carbide tips provide essential capabilities to reduce labor in change-over time.
  •  Steel nose pieces for plows:  We carry one of Western New York’s widest range of Steel Nose Pieces for the snow plows including Frink, Tenco, LaRochelle, Everest and Viking Snow Plows.  Available in 1/4 inch to 1 inch thicknesses, we are able to procure custom lengths and punches.

Best Prices, Fastest Delivery & Outstanding Service for Rock Salt, Deicers & Snow Plow Accessories throughout NYC and New York.

By Don Bero

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