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Winter weather is quickly approaching. And with that, images of snow and ice come to mind. They cover our cars, trucks, trees and roads. At first, it may be a welcome sight. A new season is upon us, perhaps thoughts of the holidays. As winter carries on, those welcomed images are not so pleasant. Rock Salt & Ice Control HQ (a Duke Company) is here to assist you navigate what all to quickly becomes ‘those long winter months’ with our large selction of deicers (sold in bulk, bag or pallet), whole sale rock salt and snow removal rental equipment. We offer:

  • Fast Delivery in New York
  • The Best Prices on Rock Salt & Deicers
  • Special Discounts for Bulk & Wholesale
  • Outstanding Service


Call the Rock Salt & Ice Control HQ (a Duke Company):

Rochester NY (585) 292-9870 or Ithaca NY/ Seneca NY (607) 347-4455

 Or we can give you a quick quote via our web portal.
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We carry Vaporizer Ice Melt Flake and American Rock Salt.

Vaporizer Deicer and Ice MeltVaporizer Ice Melt Flake Product Information:

  • Effective to -30°F
  • Works Instantly, Long Lasting
  • 83–87% Pure – Vaporizer proudly packages Occidental Chemical Corporation material
  • Melt Volume at 20°F – 33% faster than NaCl & 27% faster than MgCl2 flake – 2x faster than Urea & 5x faster than KCl – 9x faster than CMA
  • Perfect for Dust Control – Great for dust control because it is hygroscopic, drawing moisture from the air, eliminating the need to mix it with water
  • Vaporizer Ice Melt Flake is an American Rock Salt® Company.

Download Helpful Product Information:

SDS Material Safety Data Sheet for Vaporizer Ice Melt Flake Bag


American Rock Salt DeicerAmerican Rock Salt Product Information:

  • Comprised of 100% natural Sodium Chloride (NaCL).
  • Also known as Halite and Road Salt, is part of the inorganic salt chemical family.
  • Crystalline solid is white and off-white, and has no odor.
  • Safety note:   American Rock Salt complies with the Toxic Substance Control Act.
  • Use common sense when handling Rock Salt & Road Salt by wearing eye
    protection, breathing protection and avoid contact with your skin.
  • While naturally occurring, Rock Salt should NOT be ingested.
  • To avoid caking, store Rock Salt in a dry area with less than 75% humidity.
  • 100% mined in the USA at the American Rock Salt mine located in Hampton Corners, south of Rochester New York.

Download Helpful Product Information: 

SDS – Safety Data Sheet for Blue Treated Salt | Manufactured by American Rock Salt Company


The Duke Company ships nationwide and throughout New York including:


Callthe Duke Company at 585-292-9870  (Rochester NY) and 607-347-4455  (Ithaca NY) for all your snow and ice removal needs and information.