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Bagged Salt in New  York

Save +25% or more by buying Bagged Rock Salt from Rock Salt & Ice Control HQ and the Duke Company.  Bagged Salt in convenient 50 pound bags is available for the best prices & immediate delivery within New York.

As a bulk buyer of Rock Salt, we can pass substantial saving on to you at superior prices to most home improvement stores or other suppliers in NY.

Call 585-496-4762 (ROC) for expert Ice Control Advice, prompt delivery, wholesale prices and exceptional service from the Duke Company.

One of the Largest Bagged Salt Suppliers in New  York

Rock Salt & Ice Control HQ is one of New York’s largest bagged salt suppliers.  We carry a arrange of bagged rock salt available by the bag, pallet or in bulk.

We carry Bagged Rock Salt from American Rock Salt – – – an American-owned mine based near Rochester NY.  Rock Salt is renown for its economy and portability.

How Rock Salt Works in Melting Ice & Snow?

Bagged Salt works by breaking the bond between snow & ice and the road or surface.  Rock Salt is most effective for temperatures above 14 degrees Fahrenheit  (-10 degrees Celsius).  By lowering the freezing point, Rock Salt creates a brine solution that breaks the bond between the snow / ice and the surface.

Bagged Rock Salt for Salt by Many Different Names

Customers looking forBagged Rock Salt for Sale refer to it by many names including:

Bagged Deicer for a Range of Environmentally Sensitive Applications

If your application requires that you be sensitive to the environment, vegetation, pets, sensitive surfaces, or if you need to melt ice at very low temperatures, our Ice Control Experts  can advise you on a range of excellent Bagged Deicers including:

Delivering through-out NY including:

Call 585-496-4762 (ROC) for best prices and outstanding customer service.