Six Considerations for Pet Safety and Ice Melts This Winter. Rock Salt & Ice Control HQ Offers the Following Guidance

Rock Salt & Ice Control HQ  (a Duke Company) recently discussed pet safe alternatives to rock salt. We offer a good selection of deicers if pet safety is a concerned. Our top rated customer service will offer expert advice on the ice melt that best suits your needs. We offer the best value on deicers, available in 50 pound bags, pallets or wholesale bulk.

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6 Steps to Ensure your Pets Safety
1. It Should Be Visible:

Look for deicers that have colored or tinted crystals. This facilitates spreading the deicer evenly for maximizing melting efficiency. Also, it enables you to direct your pets away from areas where deicer has been recently spread, prohibiting them from eating treated snow/ice.

2. It Should Be Less Toxic:

A good pet friendly ice melting choice will be formulated to be less toxic for animals in the event that the deicer is ingested by your pet.

3. Look for Fast-Acting and Effective:

It should quickly create a brine with snow or ice, melting existing ice and preventing future formations at low temperatures.

4. It Should Be Easy to Use:

Manufacturer instructions should be clear on the quantity needed for your ice melt application. The deicer should also be colored or tinted to facilitate on how much is actually used. Our customer service can also assist you with this information.

5. It should clearly state on the packaging that it is friendly towards pets.
6. It Should Be Safe for Paws:

Crystals from ice melts can potentially get stuck in the padding of your paws. This can potentially create chemical burning and irritation. This can be avoided with the use of pet friendly deicers.


wall street journal pet friendly articleYou may recall a Wall Street Journal article (by Laura Johannes), stated: Ice-melt crystals can be toxic if ingested by pets and can cause severe irritation to paws. Protect your dog on winter walks by covering their paws with booties and wiping them off with a wet cloth as soon as you get back into the house. Equally important, make sure your dog has access to water if it may have ingested ice melt, as ill effects are more likely if a dog is dehydrated. Furthermore, the Wall Street Journal article further stated that the small amounts a dog might lick off its paws will most merely cause drooling or vomiting; however, a couple of mouthfuls can cause seizures or death.
(*Photo by Wall Street Journal)


We proudly carry:EnvironMelt Ice Melt (in Wholesale, Bulk, Bag or Pallet).

EnvironMelt Ice Melt widely respected by Ice Control experts for its exceptional characteristics including:

  • Widely respected as THE Green Solution.
  • Advanced formulated ice melter with CMA (Calcium Magnesium Acetate) for exceptional melting characteristics.
  • Renown for being not as harmful to landscaping vegetation including grass, trees and shrubs.
  • Concerned about Children and Pets?  EnvironMelt is less harmful to children and pets than many competing products.
  • Advanced engineering enables EnvironMelt to form a protective coating on the surface which provides an essential layer of corrosion protection for concrete and wood.
  • Exceptional care taken in formulating to result in less tracking problems and residue problems when used according to manufacturer instructions.

EnvironMelt Ice Melt is manufactured by the Kissner Group, a leading manufacturer of advanced ice melters and de-icing products in North America.

Download Helpful MSDS & Product Information:

MSDS Material Safety Data Sheet for ENVIRONMELT
Ingredient Information and Product Information

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*Wall Street Journal article by By LAURA JOHANNES –Jan. 22, 2016

*Photo by Wall Street Journal