Picture of More Snow Flakes

By David Szydlowski

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Take a Look at Nature’s Design of the Snowflake

This Winter’s season is off to a start with substantial snowfall expected through-out New York state this year.  As the Winter Season gets started, we wanted to share with you a look at nature’s design of the snowflake that will cause to you to reflect on nature’s beauty.

The November issue of Fast Company, featured an article that highlights the “macro-photography of Alexey Kijatov” and “will make you feel like it’s your first time seeing a snowflake”.  Take a look at the details of nature’s design and the symmetry of the humble snowflake.

As the article note, snowflakes “teach us about the fractal beauty that lies beneath al things; it teaches us about uniqueness, patterns and infinity”.  Moreover, “when we look out the window on a snowy day, we stop seeing a scintillating sea of microscopic crystals too vast to count”.

Take a look at some of the pictures below that “teach you to appreciate the geometric beauty of snowflakes again”.

Picture of Snowflakes

A quick view of the photos of snowflakes taken with an ordinary camera, inspire us to appreciate Winter and snowflakes as we enter the Ice Control and Deicer season.

Picture of Snow Removal in NY - Look at Nature's Design of the Snowflake

To read the full article, visit the Fast Company magazine’s web site and reference the article:  “You Won’t Believe These Shots of Snowflakes Were Taken With An Ordinary Camera”.

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