Tent Heater and Trailer Rental – Flagro FVO 1000Looking to Rent Indirect Heaters to Keep Your Construction Crew Warm this Winter in NY?

Rock Salt & Ice Control HQ and The Duke Company rent a range of indirect heaters that provide portable heat and power anywhere you need it.

The Duke Company rents a wide range of outstanding indirect heaters from Flagro & FrostFighter including:

Ranging in size from 200,000 – 400,000 BTUs, indirect heaters are sought after by construction pros because of their ability to heat with 100% clean air and operate in tight spaces.  Notably, indirect heaters to not release carbon dioxide into indoor spaces.

For an accurate price quote and delivery estimate in Upstate NY, call 585-292-9870 and 607-347-4455.

Delivering Bulk Rock Salt, Wholesale Road Salt and Deicer Pallets Through-out NY, NYC and New York State

Proudly delivering Bulk Rock Salt and Wholesale Deicer Pallets to customers through-out Upstate NY, NYC and New York State including:  Buffalo NYKingston NYNew York NY / NYCRye NY and White Plains NY.

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By David Szydlowski

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Ice Control Division Manager at the Duke Company