Pros Rely on Stop Ice Deicer in New York

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Ice Control Pros in New York rely on Stop Ice deicer with Quad Action Melting Power.

Is last year’s winter any indication for what is in-store for this year in New York? No worries, Rock Salt & Ice Control HQ has you covered with any of your snow removal and de-icing needs. Last year’s winter was one of the snowiest and at times coldest winters on record for the north/northeast United States (The Weather Channel). Rock Salt Ice & Control HQ (a Duke Company) has a wide variety of resources and information regarding your snow and ice removal needs. We service everyone from commercial, industrial, municipal and residential customers with the best prices, fastest delivery & outstanding customers on a range of products including Stop Ice Melt with Quad Action Melting Power.

Learn about Stop Ice – a Highly Regarded Deicer

Stop Ice Melt with Quad Action Melting Power (manufactured by the Kissner Group) is widely respected by Ice Control experts for its effectiveness and exceptional characteristics including:
• Widely respected 4-way Ice Melter
• Quad action melting power leverages advanced ice melting characteristics of Sodium Chloride, Calcium Chloride, Potassium Chloride and Magnesium Chloride.
• Works capably in melting ice and snow to negative 12 degrees Fahrenheit.
• Use common sense when applying. Protective clothing is not required with Stop Ice Melt with Quad Action Melting Power.
• Formulated to reduce corrosive damage to automobiles and other equipment.
• Melting extenders result in very durable and long-lasting melting power.
• Less harmful to plants, vegetation, wood and concrete than many competing products.

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Since 2004, Rock Salt Ice & Control HQ (a Duke Company) has proudly been serving Ice Control professionals throughout New York state with exceptional pricing, outstanding ice melter products, prompt delivery and outstanding customer service.
Rock Salt Ice & Control HQ ships nationwide and throughout New York including:

Watertown NY
White Plains NY
Yonkers NY

Call Rock Salt & Ice Control HQ at 585-292-9870 (Rochester NY) and 607-347-4455 (Ithaca NY) for all your snow and ice removal needs and information regarding ice melt and deicers, heater rentals and snow plow accessories.

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At Rock Salt & Ice Control HQ and the Duke Company, we believe in supporting one's community and those in need. We support a number of charitable causes in New York including Breast Cancer Awareness.

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