No Salt Ice Melt

PLEASE NOTE:  Great White Ice Melt is not currently available from the Duke Company & Rock Salt & Ice Control HQ.

Are you looking for the best prices for No Salt Ice Melt in New York State?  Rock Salt & Ice Control HQ would be glad to provide you with a price and delivery quote for the very effective No Salt Ice Melt in order to get you ready for Winter and Weather events.

We can promptly supply you with No Salt Ice Melt in bulk, wholesale, pallets and convenient 50 pound bags.  No Salt Ice Melt is widely respected by Ice Control experts for its exceptional characteristics including:

  • Professional-grade ice melter with enhanced traction control.
  • Widely respected for being 100% free of Sodium Chloride.
  • Formulated with Dolomite for powerful traction control.
  • Pellets are formulated with Calcium Chloride to enable powerful melting to very low temperatures.
  • Advanced engineered extenders result in long-lasting ice melting strength.
  • High visibility green color ensures consistent visual application.

No Salt Ice Melt is manufactured by the Kissner Group, a leading manufacturer of advanced ice melters and de-icing products in North America.

Duke Company in Rochester New York

About the Duke Company

Since 2004, the Duke Company has proudly been serving Ice Control professionals through-out New York state with exceptional pricing, outstanding ice melter products, prompt delivery and outstanding customer service.

We carry a range of rock salt, road salt and ice melt products including Magnesium Chloride, Sodium Chloride, and CMA (Calcium Magnesium Acetate) ice melters in bulk, wholesale quantities, pallets and bags.

The Duke Company’s ice control professionals would be glad to assist you in choosing which Ice Melt is best for your specific application.

Walk-Behind Salt SprederRock Salt, Deicers & Snow Plowing Accessories

The Duke Company carries one of the most extensive ranges of Rock Salt, Ice Melt, Road Salt, Deicing Products and Snow Plowing Accessories in the entire New York region.  Our range of outstanding quality Winter products includes:

•  Bulk Rock Salt and Deicing Products tailored exactly to your specific needs.

•  Environmentally friendly deicing products.

•  Pallets of Bagged Road Salt and Deicing products.

•  Snow Plowing Accessories from A to Z including:  Snow Plow Blades, Snow Plow Shoes, Spreader Chains, Grader Blades, Claw Cross Chains, Salt Spreader inserts for Pick-up Trucks

Rock Salt and Ice Control HQ with Bobcat Snow Plow in Upstate NYQuality Rock Salt, Deicing Products & Snow Plowing Suppliers

We only carry the highest quality products from widely respected companies including:

•  American Rock Salt

•  Kissner Salt

•  Columbus McKinnon

•  Air Flo Salt Spreaders

•  And many more.

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By David Szydlowski

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Ice Control Division Manager at the Duke Company