150000-BTU-Ground-Thawing-Heater-Rental-–-HeatKing-HK150The 150,000 BTU Ground Thawing HeatKing HK150 is available for rental at Rock Salt & Ice Control HQ.

Rock Salt & Ice Control HQ (a Duke Company) has a variety of ground heater rentals that will assist you in concrete curing, foundation site projects or ground thawing needs.

The HeatKing HK150 has:

  • a trailer-mounted rental heater
  • precise digital temperature controls
  • user-friendly control panel for ground thawing projects.
  • a mobile glycol heating system that thaws the ground & cures concrete by pumping glycol (heat to 180 degrees Fahrenheit) through hoses dispersed through the ground.  Be sure to buy vapor barrier and insulation blankets to cover the field hoses.
  • Centrifugal pumps for the field and circulation loops. Centrifugal pumps are safer than positive displacement pumps and are engineered to eliminate dangerous pressure situations.
  • a 150,000 BTU burner. The use of a coil for the heat exchanger, ensures greater durability and than heaters that use boilers.
  • powered reels that hold all 2800 feet of hose. They are controlled by a heavy duty foot switch leaving your hands free.
  • a digital temperature control and monitoring.
  • output temperature can be changed in increments of 1 anywhere between 0-180 F.
  • a control panels with large switches enabling use with gloves on.

Specifications for the HeatKing HK150 Rental Heater:

  • Ground thawing capacity = 2,800 square feet
  • Concrete curing capacity = 5,600 square feet
  • Heater capacity = 150,000 BTU
  • Run time = 140 hours

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By David Szydlowski

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