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At Rock Salt & Ice Control HQ, we are proud to carry Environmelt – an environmentally friendly ice melt and deicer.  With prompt delivery and exceptional pricing for our New York customers, please call 585-496-4762 (ROC) for outstanding service.

Environmelt, manufactured by Kissner Salt is an innovative green solution to ice melting and deicing.  There are several factors that make Environmelt much safer to use than other ice melts and deicers including:

  • Anti-Corrosive characteristics:  Environmelt contains CMA (Calcium Magnesium Acetate).  CMA is much friendlier to metals, vs. salt in comparison, and is scientifically proven to be about as corrosive as ordinary water that you would get from your sink.  CMA is produced by chemically reacting a formula of magnesium and calcium with acetic acid (also know as ethanoic acid).  Accordingly, EnvironMelt is safer and friendlier to most surfaces including metals, concrete and wood.
  • Quick Ice Melt and Deicer:  EnvironMelt is best applied before snow and ice accumulate.  Since it acts by preventing the bond between ice and snow and the surface area.  In addition, EnvironMelt is manufactured with time release technology that enables it to keep melting ice, long after its initial application.
  • Safety Characteristics:  EnvironMelt is formulated with Dolomite, a naturally occurring mineral that is comprised of calcium magnesium carbonate.  Not only does Dolomite assist in providing traction to pedestrians and vehicles, but also acts as a pH buffer in plant cultivation.
  • Visual Identification:  enhance with a ‘green color’, Environmelt is safe and easy to apply.  Its green color ensures that you can achieve adequate dispersion of this very effective deicer.

FAQ:  Down to What Temperature is Environmelt Effective?

While environmentally friendly, Environmelt notably is highly effective as an ice melt and deicer in temperatures down to -22 degrees Fahrentheit.

As an Ice Control Expert, How Do I Justify the Higher Cost of Environmelt vs. Standard Road Salt or other Deicers?

While more expansive than standard road salt, many of the Rock Salt & Ice Control HQ customers justify the higher cost of  Environmelt by considering the cost of corrosion and the cost of damaging trees and other vegetation.

Download Helpful Deicer Information on Environmelt

Download Environmelt Ingredient Information and Product Information

Download the EnvironMelt MSDS Material Safety Data Sheet

Environmelt Ingredients

EnvironMelt’s technologically advanced and environmentally-friendly formula includes CMA (Calcium Magnesium Acetate) and Dolomite (Calcium Magnesium Carbonate).  Refer to the EnvironMelt MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) for helpful safety information.

Where to Buy Environmelt in NY?

Providing prompt delivery and exceptional pricing in NY, the Duke Company is able to assist you with bulk orders, pallets and 50 pound bags through-out New York state including:

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