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Carbide Snow Plow Blades

Looking to buy Carbide Cutting Edges, also know as Carbide Snow Plow Blades, in Rochester NY, Ithaca NY and Western New York?  Rock Salt & Ice Control HQ  and the Duke Company have proudly earned an +A reputation for outstanding customer service, value-pricing, prompt delivery, and expert Ice Control advice.

Range of Carbide Snow Plow Blades

We carry a complete range of carbide snow plow blades in an exceptional range of sizes, lengths and punched hole configurations.  As background, carbide tips are widely respected as the Ice Control product standard for protection agains wear.  Carbide tips provide essential capabilities to reduce labor in change-over time.

The Duke Company proudly recommends Carbide insert snow plow blades for their exceptional long-lives, in comparison to steel snow plow blades.  Our customers tell us that carbide blades last as much as 10x to 20x longer than comparable steel products.

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We proudly carry a complete range of Rock Salt & Ice Melt products including:

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We proudly deliver to population centers through-out New York including:

About the Duke Company

The Duke Company, headquartered in Rochester & Ithaca NY, has proudly been serving ice control professionals since 2004.  Our ice control experts would be glad to assist you with expert advice on selecting the right snow plowing products and accessories tailored to your specific needs.

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